Here we are with another week of cooking from the stellar book Ad Hoc At Home by Thomas Keller! This week I changed things up a little and included a soup recipe and one for buttermilk biscuits. How did yours turn out?? Let me know in the comments section! Here’s how I did with mine:

Lentil and Sweet Potato Soup – page 121 – This soup was great! It took me a little longer than my average soup making, with a few more steps but I loved it. Hearty and satisfying. The only thing – there was A LOT of it! That’s one thing I have to say with all the recipes this week – they make a lot. I ended up cutting down on some of them, but for this I decided to make the whole batch and just freeze some of it for later. Nothing like home made soup in a pinch! I also ended up using green lentils instead of spanish but I still think it turned out grand. Here it is about to be warmed up for my lunch!

Nantes Carrot Stew – page 190 – this was one of those recipes I cut down on. I cut in half and used only one pound of carrots. I found that made a good side dish for 4 servings. I didn’t have coriander seeds (though I would have sworn I did!) so I used cumin seeds instead. Still a really tasty dish. Next time I would cook my carrots a bit longer and maybe increase the juice. I found it reduced so much and so quickly the carrots were still quite firm and there was no need to remove them before whisking in the butter.

Sautéed Red and Green Cabbage – page 198 – another one to reduce. Seriously Chef Keller, 8 cups of cabbage?!?! How many people do you think I have in my family? I cut this one in half but left the pistachio amount the same.  I love nuts. It had a real depth of flavour that I’ve never had in cabbage before and I just loved the addition of the pistachios. This was hubby’s fave dish of the week.

Buttermilk Biscuits – page 276 – is there anything this man cannot cook. I loved these biscuits. Flaky but dense and very simple to make. I found them a bit salty, but then again I used sea salt instead of Kosher salt so maybe that had something to do with it. The salt simply added flavour though and I still enjoyed them quite a bit. Especially with Michaelsdolce‘s Cranberry Apricot jam. Oh… the tart cranberries, sweet apricots and slightly salty biscuit – heaven. It was amazing. Though if I was going to make these again to eat with savory components I would think about using less salt.

That brings us to next week, the last week of cooking from this book. There are so many other recipes I can’t wait to try from here but I’ll have to wait until some of the produce is in season… maybe I’ll have to revisit this book! But for next time let’s have fun with:

Split Pea Soup – page 118
Celery Root with Melted Onion – page 199
Potato Hash – page 222
Apple Beet Chutney – page 241

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