I can’t blog about the upcoming Celeb Chef event without talking about the food. I mean… come on – it’s what this event is all about! The really unique thing about this event is that it doesn’t pit chef against chef or even teams of chefs against each other. Instead it sees some of the great culinary talent of our country coming together to work in harmony – creating magnificent dishes that are sure to please your inner foodie to no end!

So just what do Chef Bowen and Chef Rogalski have in mind for you on January 24th?? Come with me while I paint you a picture with words. Imagine a North Country bison hash with a Quebec goat cheese and cauliflower ravioli. Served with a preserved lemon and rendered bacon hollandaise and ancho chili plum gastrique. Drooling yet? Bison is a lean and flavourful meat and North Country Buffalo is some of the best you can find. Organic and hormone free, this part of the dish is a pure collaboration of the two chefs.

The credit for the goats cheese and cauliflower ravioli – which sounds so fantastic I swear I dreamed about it last night – and the ancho chili plum gastrique goes to Chef Bowen. Making the preserved lemon and rendered bacon hollandaise the brain child of Chef Rogalski. And really anything that combines hollandaise and bacon has got to be the most amazing food on earth.

After testing the recipe at the Empire Grill, Chef Robin Bowen offered these thoughts on the dish. He loves the way that the bold flavours of the gastrique (a reduction of vinegar or wine, sugar, and usually fruit and often served over seafood or meat) play with the bacon hollandaise. It’s a very rich dish.

Keep in mind, this is just one of 8 mind blowing dishes! Passes are sure to sell out fast so click here to visit the NAC website for more information and to order your tickets today!