*Updated* Interview with Chef Rogalski below*

It’s coming so quickly! The Canadian Celebrity Chefs Event hosted at the NAC is THIS COMING MONDAY! I hope you have tickets – it’s going to be a blast. As you know I’ve been blogging about the dynamic duo of Chef Robin Bowen and Chef Paul Rogalski and their amazing dish of North Country bison hash with a Quebec goat cheese and cauliflower ravioli. Served with a preserved lemon and rendered bacon hollandaise and ancho chili plum gastrique.

So today I thought I would spend a little time talking about Chef Rogalski. I haven’t yet had the pleasure of meeting Chef Rogalski, but I do plan to fix that as soon as possible on the 24th. I have however seen Chef Rogalski on Iron Chef where he competed as part Michael Smith’s ‘A Team’ in Battle avocado with Bobby Flay.  

Chef Rogalski of Rouge Restaurant in Calgary prides himself on cooking with the best ingredients. Watch here as he talks food in this very entertaining You Tube clip.

Come on out and taste his food for yourself – tickets and more information can be found at the NAC’s website. 

Thanks to Chef Rogalski for taking the time so close to the event to answer a few of my questions!

Simply Fresh: How did you get involved with the Celebrity Chef event?

Chef Paul Rogalski: My good friend Lynn Crawford recommended me to Michael Blackie for the event. She thinks I talk a lot which is why I’d do well entertaining a large group of people. Actually…I really don’t know if that’s why but I can hope.

How do you describe your food/cooking style?  

Wow, I ask myself that same question all of the time and not sure if I have answered that yet LOL. I’m really well rehearsed at is cooking impromptu multi-course dinners but I’m not sure you can call that a style. I love the element of surprise  and love to create. I also believe to make great food you need great ingredients and sound cooking techniques. Cooking them with respect is fundamental and celebrating their existence essential. I’m not sure if I answered your question…let me know how far off track I was…;>) Oh I almost forgot, I also like to put a ton of emphasis on presentation.

What do you think of being paired with Chef Bowen?

For starters I’m excited to cook with Robin but add in the fact that we are both from Calgary, there is a good opportunity for some great conversation too. How can one beat that?

What process did you and Chef Bowen go through to come up with your dish?

I sent Robin a few ideas and asked him to pick the one he liked best, then he added a couple of ideas of his own and ran them past me…the one thing for certain with our dish is there is no shortage of flavor! Expect something “in your face”!

I for one can’t wait until Monday! I think that’s one of the first times I’ve ever said that…