Here’s a few quotes and photos from yesterday’s Canadian Celebrity Chefs Event – for anyone who couldn’t make it out you missed a hell of a time! It goes without saying that the food was amazing, the company was stellar and whole event was a success. I’m sorry for the blurry pictures… my camera hated me yesterday.

“This is no longer an ‘event’… it’s a Fuck Fest” – Kevin Brauch 8:52am

“I want to taste magic” – My friend Jenn after Anthony Walsh described his dish as magical

“No fat, no flavour” –  Mathieu Cloutier

“You don’t have to touch the pan to know it’s hot” – Marc Lepine paraphrasing Thomas Keller on having confidence in your dish, even if you have never tasted it.

“We’ve done something bad to your fish” – Kevin Brauch

“This isn’t sanitary” – Michael Howell

“He said firm” – Kevin Brauch

“He said hard” – Kevin Brauch

” I wont tell you what else went on last night.”
“It involved chaps” – Paul Rogalski and Robin Bowen

“He called me old!” – Paul Rogalski

“You want a sex word for it, don’t you” – Robin Bowen to Kevin Brauch on a sexier name for hash

“Yes I am commando today” – Robin Bowen

“It won’t fit in my mouth!” – Jenn of FoodiePrints on tasting Chef Rogalski and Chef Bowen’s dish

“They are going to hang on your lips Chef”
“I’m into that” – Kevin Brauch and Ray Bear

“I’m in control of this God damn show!” – Kevin Brauch

“It’s Perno-licious” – Kevin Brauch

“This is like Mad Max in a culinary festival” – Kevin Brauch

“I didn’t tell him I was going to do that” – Charlotte Langley

“Kevin shhhh… she’s trying to ask a question!” – Charlotte Langley

“David Rocco has a problem” – Kevin Brauch

“It’s all Blackie’s fault” – Cesare Santaguida

“Vittoria Trattoria, David Rocco – we are thinking Italian.  Are you making…”
“We’re making Mexican.” – Kevin Brauch and Cesare Santaguida

“I’m lazy” – David Rocco

“Balls to the table RIGHT NOW” Kevin Brauch

“It was better than bacon. It’s like bacon butter” – my friend Jenn after eating pigs cheek

“We are going to show you something different” – Michael Blackie

“This (wine) is Blackie’s. It’s called ‘Dry Sac’ I don’t know why” – Michael Lyon

“I’m a disaster aren’t I?” – Michael Blackie

“It didn’t say charred sauce, did it?” – Michael Lyon

“The night is young, and you know what happens when you fuck around at the beginning. You get it in the end” – Michael Blackie threatening Michael Lyon after getting champagne in the eye.

“What is this, a 10 000 mile recipe?” – Michael Lyon

“Thank god mankind invented bacon.” – Michael Blackie