This is it! The last post before I make the draw for the copy of Thomas Keller’s Ad Hoc at Home – if you’d like to enter click here for more information. This is also the last posting I’m planning from this book. Not that there aren’t so many more recipes I’d like to try – but in keeping things seasonal I think I’m at a bit of a stand still until spring / summer. This was an amazing book with fabulous recipes – not one of which I wouldn’t make again.

This time around I started with the Apple Beet Chutney from page 241. Simple to make and I love how versatile it is. I paired it with a pork roast I made, then in using the left overs of the same roast I made it into a BBQ sauce by adding some spices and a tomato base. It was amazing. Sweet and tangy. I love having it on hand and am currently thinking of adding it to the chicken I’m making tonight.

Next was the Split Pea Soup from page 118. Again, a reoccurring issue with this book, the portions were huge. I cut everything in half – but left it at one ham hock… I might even add two next time I make it. It was amazing. Better than anything you’ve ever had from a can – which until now was the only way I had ever had split pea soup. It was comforting and warm, flavourful and complex. It’s amazing how such a simple dish can have so many layers of flavour.

Potato Hash on page 222 was great! Bacon and melted onions – how could it not be? The melted onions add a wonderful flavour and texture to the dish that I just can’t stop thinking about. It’s amazing how something so simple, when seasoned correctly can bring such a big punch to a dish. Speaking of those melted onions…

Celery Root with Melted Onions on page 199 was an inspired way to use celery root. Until now I’ve only ever boiled it and added it to mashed potatoes. Before that I had never even heard of celery root let alone eaten it. This was a great side dish. Bright flavour, simple to prepare – I will be making this again for sure!

Tomorrow’s post will announce the winner of the cook book along with the next book we will be working from! Stay turned.