Well a new month is upon us and I’m in the mood to try something a little different. Via the wonders of facebook and twitter I’ve seen many challenges like the one I’m about to propose, but none that were specifically for the foodie! Here is the idea:

For every week day in February (20 days in total) I will ask you for a photo with a specific theme. This can be a photo you take, or one you find just make sure you give credit where credit is due. It can be an old photo or one you take just for the challenge. Then once it is posted in your blog, or on a sharing site like Flikr, add the link to the picture in the comments section of the blog post that day. This is a great way to promote old blog posts for you bloggers, or to practice your foodie photography for those who just love to take great photos!

So here is today’s challenge – show me a photo of your dream foodie destination. With a big storm about to hit Ottawa my thoughts are drifting to travel and all the wonderful food I could eat there.

So go ahead – share a link in the comments section. Where do you want to go?? Maybe you’ve already been and blogged about it – maybe you are getting ready to go and have a great photo from your online planning. Either way – share!