I can’t believe it has taken me this long to get to Hintonburger. I say that about pretty much every place I go – but it’s always true. I’ve been meaning to make it out since I first started hearing raves about how good the burgers here were. Which was practically since the first day they opened back in July of 2010. Let’s get to it:

Price – Just in line to compete … and dare I say blow away… all those fast food burger chains. With Burgers ranging from $4.50 to $6.50 depending on size and the addition of bacon and cheese, it costs less than $20 for a couple to get two drinks, two burgers and two sides. Fries run from $1.75 for a value size to $6 for the family size – all the other menu items are equally well priced.

Ambiance – It’s a small place. With two tables and a bar area, right now in the winter they are seating about 11 people indoors. That is my only issue with this place. I adore it, but I don’t live in this end of town and on nasty weather days I might be hesitant to make the drive over if I’m worried I wont be able to get a place to sit. I’m sure there is more seating outdoors in the nice weather, but for now – there isn’t much. Luckily they do take out! It’s a divey little place, but that’s more than part of the charm. Definitely casual.

Menu – Bare bones. Burgers, Fries, Poutine, Rings, Corn Dogs and Hot Dogs. I love it. They have places like this all over Quebec – it’s time we had one in Ottawa. I was impressed with the different toppings – not works crazy but they had some really cool options for their veggie burger including humus and garlic sauce. They also have a table of condiments such as spicy mustard (which is beyond fabulous). I also appreciate that they carry both coke and Pepsi. I’m a Pepsi girl and am always disappointed when I must have a coke with my burger.

Food – Heavenly. I adored every bite. I’ve always hated McDonalds and Burger King but had a soft spot for Harveys… when I was looking for a take out burger (and not willing to sit down at the Works). No more! I’m a Hintonburger girl now. The beef is local and cooked just right. The rings are great and I loved the fries too. Here is a little insight into how I eat… I always like to make my last bite, the flavour that is hopefully going to remain the longest on your palate, to be the thing I loved the most during the meal. Usually it isn’t hard to decide what my last bite would be. At Hintonburger it was a 5 minute battle between the rings, burger and spicy mustard. In the end a finger dipped into the mustard was the winner. I’m drooling just thinking about it.

Overall – I adore this place – the food is great, the price is right and the addition of local beef is just a cherry on top – I just hope I always have a place to sit! 5 out of 5 stars.