The other night was girls night and we decided to meet up at Town on Elgin. I’ve been hearing reviews from blown away foodies for a while now and was excited to try it out for myself. I will warn you that the lighting was more than a little dim making it impossible for me to get a decent picture that did justice to my meal. So I’ve created an ‘artists’ rendition of me eating my chicken liver crostinis. Enjoy!

Price – Very well priced – actually a bit cheaper than I expected. With small plates hovering between $10 – $14 and larger plates around the $18 – $24 mark I was able to enjoy two plates with a drink plus tip for around $35. For me that’s a night out that, while a treat, wont break the bank.

Ambiance – I loved the feel of town. Classy yet casual and relaxed. You are more than comfortable heading there after work, no need to stop off for your finery. It is a little tight, and because it’s so popular a little packed. Make sure you get reservations. Even then, once you have a table you will be timing your trip to the bathroom just right so that you can squeeze by as few people as possible. Though they are the nicest bathrooms I’ve seen in a while – with beautiful light fixtures. I don’t know why I felt I had to mention them but they were so pretty! They also have a complimentary kit in the bathroom with stain removing pens, antibacterial gel, feminine products and more – so thoughtful!

Menu – an array of small and large plates of eclectic food. Not quite italian, not quite french but all sounding mouth watering good. It was quite a task to decide on what to have. It is not the largest menu ever, and those who are vegetarian and beyond will find difficulty finding a dish – though I’m sure if you spoke with the ever pleasant wait staff that something could be arranged. There was also a bit of difficulty with food allergies. Many of the dishes use the same ingredients so anyone with a bread, cheese or nut allergy will have issues. Just a note that the bread used is from an artisan bakery that also uses nuts – thus the nut allergy issue even in dishes such as the meatballs.

Food – Good. So very very good. I had a Chicken meatball dish that was flavourful and comforting and a chicken liver crostini with bacon and rhubarb that knocked my socks off. Literally – when I took off my boots my socks were in the toes – no longer on my feet. I’m often quite good about sharing bites of my food, but I greedily ate all of my meal without offering. Though I noticed everyone at my table did the same! I found the portions a little small – even  I needed two plates and I think if hubby had been there he would have needed 3, but the price is quite right so go ahead and get 3.

Overall – I love Town – it deserves all the hype. I’d love to see them get involved with some local or organic producers but the quality of food is phenomenal. 4 out of 5 stars.