I love the name of this Ottawa based hot sauce company: Meow! That’s Hot. More than that I love their sauces. I recently sat down with Jonathan Viau at Il Primo Restorante (one of the many locals you can pick up the hot sauce) for a chance to talk about the sauces and try them too! I’m by no means an expert on spicy food – in fact I think my tolerance level is ‘wuss’ – but I’m working on it…

Meow! That’s hot – the inside joke that turned into a line cat themed named hot sauces – is a three person operation based out of Ottawa. They use local products as much as possible to make some great sauces with big flavour not just crazy heat – though there is that too!

First up is Fire Kitty – a flavourful burst with a stronger up front heat that lingers with a slightly smokey taste. Made with green apples, jalapeno, garlic and red chili’s. This is a great all purpose hot sauce – while I find it hot, again I’m a spicy food wuss, it’s really no more than a tabasco sauce.

The next offering is Siamese Sizzler – a bright citrus hot sauce with a back end heat. It’s made with ginger, citrus and Thai Chilis and uses the vinegar as a great palate cleanser. Jonathan recommends using this as a marinade  with white fish or pork and I have a feeling it would make a killer dipping sauce.

Then comes Persian Pyro – a bright hot sauce with a continuous heat. Definitely the hottest of the kitties – this one uses peaches, shallots, graham masala, Jalapeno and Thai chilis. I’m told it really adds a kick to your morning bagel and cream cheese!

There are two other Meow! That’s Hot sauces that are available only seasonally including the ‘Manx Mangler’, made with strawberries, mint and Jamaican chili as well as a tame BBQ sauce called ‘Scaredy Cat’ – more my speed I think!

If you like your heat, or like me are working your way up the heat ladder, you can order your very own Meow! That’s Hot sauce from their website, or facebook page.  You can also get them from various restaurants and stores in the Ottawa area including Il Primo, Pub Italia and Jak’s Kitchen.