It took me two tries to get to Perfection, Satisfaction, Promise (167 Laurier East) . The first time I ended up there around 8pm on a Friday and they had closed. My bad for not checking the hours before I ventured over. The second time… success! Here were my findings.

Price – Generally a lunch spot, the prices reflect that. It’s a kind of mix and match place with items ranging from $2 – $7. Combos (which change daily depending on the special) are around $12. Great prices. Hubby and I went for a light dinner, both having had a large lunch earlier in the day, and it cost us about $15 for the pair of us.

Ambiance – Bright. I have never had such bright lighting in a restaurant while eating dinner. It goes along with the cheery atmosphere and light paint colours. It’s amazing how how cheery this place was considering it’s almost a basement level space and it was a dark, dreary night the night we visited. It’s a small, casual place – so no need to dress up. Take your time, order at the counter and your meal will be brought to your table.

Menu – It’s a small, completely vegetarian menu. The highlight is their ‘painted potatoes’. Your choice of baked potato, sweet potato, brown rice or vegan mashed potatoesย with toppings such as Indian Dahl, Mushroom Gravy, Chili, Vegetable Curry, Pesto and Sour Cream to name just a few.ย  You can even have your choice of two toppings on the large potatoes. It’s a meal in itself. But they also offer soups, sandwiches, chili, salads and burgers. The day we were there a vegan Sheppard pie was the combo served with soup or salad.

Food – Really good! I had a pesto and sour cream baked painted potato and hubby had a veggie burger. Keep in mind that sides are ordered separately, but the price reflects that. Definitely more of a lunch spot than one you would go to for dinner, but that’s just my opinion. There were more than a few people there when while we were having dinner.

Overall – A really great little vegetarian hide away.ย 3.5 out of 5 stars.