I meant to write this post last month. Then because certain options came to light I decided to scrap it… but here I am almost a month to the day when I would have wanted to publish, changing my mind.

I want to talk about Ron Eade – from the Ottawa Citizen. More than that I want to thank him. I had been blogging for about a year when I got to meet Mr. Eade in person. He was speaking about food writing and blogging at an event put on at the Urban Element by the Chicken Farmers of Canada. They had begun blogging and wanted to meet the writers of the blogs they followed in Ottawa. Here is a picture from that night:

See long hair on the far right? That’s me. Taking serious notes. I wanted to be a better writer, blogger and foodie. Ron was there to help. He gave great advice. The next day I moved my blog to wordpress with a resolve that I was going to put myself into this blog – I was going to find my voice and not be afraid to put it out there for the world to read/see and scary enough – comment on.

To my sheer delight – the first comment on my first post when I switched platforms – was from Ron. The man whom I was too shy to say anything to the night before had read my post and commented. I was over the moon!

From that day forward I put myself into everything I wrote – in me grew a passion for food and writing that I had never known before. It was also a time in my life that was a bit difficult – having something I loved as much as I love this blog helped pull me through. And it all started with Ron.

I’ve learned to say things tactfully – and that it’s not a crime to endorse and love events, chefs, books, food, ect. as long as you stand behind what you are saying. In truth a lesson I’ve learned from fellow bloggers that I’ve had the opportunity to meet – an opportunity I wouldn’t have been given if my blog hadn’t improved thanks to Ron’s advice.

I’ve had the good fortune to run into Ron several times since that night (no longer too shy to speak with him) – and I hope I will several times in the future.

Thank you Ron.