My mom was in town the other day and after an afternoon of wandering through the Canadian War Museum we decided to head to Siam Kitchen (1050 Bank Street by the Mayfair Theatre). We were looking for some great Thai food and we were not dissapointed!

Price – Great prices! The four of us each had an entrée, split an appetizer, a side of rice and 3 had drinks all for $80 before tip. Appetizers run about $8 but are easily split between groups of 4. Entrées run between $11 (for the rice and vegetarian dishes) and $15 (for the seafood). I think the biggest surprise was the $4 local beers which included Keiths, which many restaurants put in their premium listings.

Ambiance – The decor is dated but it doesn’t really matter when the food is as good as this. The restaurant is divided into two small dining rooms for a more intimate feel. It’s a great spot to stop on your way to a movie or out for a night on the town. Or as in our case, as a great way to end the evening. It’s easy to hear those across the table from you, so it’s a great place to enjoy the company as well as the food. Dress casually and you will fit right in.

Menu – Extensive. From spicy curries (even if the curry doesn’t specify that it is spicy… it is) to vegetarian dishes, rice dishes, seafood, beef and chicken this menu has it all. With four of us at the table we were able to get a good cross section of the offerings. It was a difficult choice narrowing it down, I was just happy that I had the chance to try at least 4 different mains. That’s the beauty of Thai food, but also the downfall. The more people you go with the better, but it’s hard when you are just two people! Oh well… time to invite your friends or family out!

Food – Really good food. And HUGE portions. We had enough for 4 for dinner, plus 3 lunches. Everyone had their favorite. From the sweet and spicy curry to the Thai fried rice everyone at our table really enjoyed their dinner. I learned that I love bamboo shoots and made a mental note to try to use them in my own cooking as soon as possible. Each main is served on an oval platter and is heaped on. There is so much food we could have fed two more people with how much was left over. But lucky for us, it reheats wonderfully and makes a wicked lunch!

Overall – Awesome value for large portions of great Thai food. I’ll be back, probably right before I check out another movie from the Mayfair! 4 out of 5 stars.