I love molasses. I love the flavour and the sweetness and use it in a variety of things from baked goods to BBQ sauce. But did you know that the molasses made in Canada is different from what is available in the United States? We have three varieties – fancy, cooking and blackstrap and they have light, dark and blackstrap. What exactly is the difference? Read on.

Fancy Molasses – the pure juice of sugar cane that is condensed and purified. There are no additives or preservatives and it is perfect for general use. It has the lightest flavour and is the most common to find in someones pantry.

Cooking Molasses – a combination of fancy molasses and blackstrap. It has a stronger flavour so is used in cooking and baking when a more pronounced molasses flavour is desired. I like to use this in my ginger molasses cookies.

Blackstrap Molasses – the byproduct of sugar refining, this molasses is very dark and has a bitter, strong flavour. It is used mainly in baked goods where additional sugar will be added to combat the bitterness. Blackstrap Molasses is considered a health food because of the minerals, vitamins and trace elements that remain in this variety that are lost during the refining process of the other types. Kind of the way dark chocolate is considered better for you than milk chocolate.