I have so many good memories of A’roma Meze – specifically their Nepean Street location. It was where my co-workers took me to celebrate my up coming wedding, it was the scene of a few ‘job well done’ lunches after big stressful work  events and it is where hubby (at this time boyfriend)  took me for my birthday – the first one we celebrated together. (Side note – that was a wonderful evening. It was before the grand opening and we were the only ones there all night…)

This visit to A’roma Meze was, as always, wonderful…

Price – A’roma Meze specializes in small plates of Greek food. The dishes range from $6 to $19 a plate and two people will need at least 4 plates. It can add up quickly. Hubby and I had 4 plates and two glasses of wine and with tip our total was somewhere around the $70 mark. Pretty average, if not a little low for a restaurant with high quality food and wine.

Lunch is a very unique. Think of it as an upscale choose your own value meal! Choose 3-4 options to make a one person serving. Options range from $4-$6 each.

Ambiance – A’roma Meze is a very nice place. Greek inspired decor to go with the food and a couple of different dining areas. Great for larger groups who want to stay away from the general crowd. It also helps create an intimate feel. Classy yet comforting, wear something nice when you come and you wont feel out of place – but a good pair of jeans and a dress shirt for the guys will do just fine.

Menu Options – Numerous. Because most tables of 2 will be taking at least 4 – 6 plates there  are more options  than your typical restaurant. All greek expect to see lots of lamb, olives, feta, phyllo and Tzatziki. I will say though, if you think you are not a fan of greek food and all you have ever tried is Greek on Wheels. You haven’t tried real greek food and should give this a shot. It could make a believer out of you!

Food – Spectacular. I had always worried that I could never travel to Greece because I would hate the food (lamb, olives and feta being my least fave flavours). But if some of it can be as good as what A’roma Meze has to offer I will be fine! Somehow I like these ingredients when they make them.

We started with a spinach, red pepper dip called Spanakomizithra. I could have eaten it all night! I would have had quite the garlic breath… but so would hubby so it would work. We also had zucchini cakes that came with the best Tzatziki I have ever had. Then there was a phyllo pastry platter and gorgonzola stuffed dates – which were not my favorite but only because I’m not huge on the strong taste of the cheese. Hubby loved them though.

Overall – I think this may be the restaurant in Ottawa I have been to the most. Love the food and it’s always a night to remember! 4 out of 5 stars.