My final post with this book, my final two recipes from Chef Michael Smith. Overall I have really enjoyed this book. I loved the relaxed attitude with which cooking is approached – the encouragement of free styling and really making a recipe your own. Something many Chefs wouldn’t encourage with their recipes. I also find that this book really is for the at home chef – nothing overly complicated, just simple, delicious food. A reason why Chef Smith really is one of my biggest food inspirations.

For the final two recipes I chose:

Orange Ginger Beef page 74 &
Sweet Potato Chick Pea Curry page 151.

Let’s start with the Orange Ginger Beef. Let’s be honest. Thank god these aren’t ridged recipes and you are allowed to free style because I don’t think I would have had such success without it. Really, most of my ‘free styling’ comes from the fact I simply do not read or prepare things properly. Perhaps one of the reason’s I’m not a real chef. Case in point, the orange ginger beef. I bought the orange juice, yes I did. But did I thaw it or make it prior to starting this recipe?? No. BUT – because you only needed one cup of juice I substituted with 1/4 orange juice concentrate and 3/4 water. I could still taste the orange! It really was a very good dish – I loved the citrus flavour with the beef and would make this again in a heart beat… frozen OJ concentrate or juice!

Next the curry. I LOVED this dish. I served it on rice noodles and it was just gobbled up. The only issue I had was in finding a curry paste. I found a curry sauce – so I just upped the amount to about 1/4 cup believing that the paste would be more concentrated than the sauce. I found it still a little lacking in curry flavour so I added a 1 tsp of curry powder. It made a wonderful meal and even better left overs the next day!

Moving forward … it’s time for a new book! I’ll announce on Friday along with the first few recipes that I’ll be cooking through. Then I’ll give it a week or so, then if anyone is checking a copy out from the library to cook along with (or just need to run out and buy a copy) you have time! Cook along with me – it’s so much fun to get feed back from those on how they altered a dish, or actually followed the recipe properly!

Happy Cooking.