At the far end of St. Laurent almost at the RCMP riding stables at the corner of Hemlock is a wonderful little French Bistro called Le Saint O. It’s not much from the outside, and that might explain why even though I used to live less than a block away this was still my frist time there. My ever lovely mother in law took me for a job celebration lunch – and what a lunch it was!

Price – Really reasonable. We both had the table d’hote which ranges from $18 – $20 for two courses for lunch and $36 – $40 for 3 courses at dinner. I don’t know how I would have possibly eaten another bite of food. In fact I seem to remember being quite sad that there was a remaining couple of mushrooms on my plate. But there was no way I was going to be able to eat them. None. So needless to say the portion sizes are quite good.

Ambiance – did I say it wasn’t much to look at? A diamond in the rough lets call it. It’s an older building with minimal natural light but it has a certain ‘hole in the wall’ feeling that I quite enjoyed. It’s off the beaten path so you know that it’s a place that only locals really get to enjoy. There is something rather appealing about that kind of exclusivity.

Menu Options – It’s not a huge menu and those who are vegetarian may not have many choices – but those you do have will be mouth watering! I had a really hard time choosing what to have, a task made even harder when the server let us know the specials for the day. Everything sounded amazing and from what I tasted I’m sure it would have been just as good as it sounded. No matter what you decide on, you can’t go wrong.

Food – Scrumptious. Everything was presented so beautifully with edible flowers. You almost didn’t want to disturb it – but very soon the amazing aroma of the food overpowers you and you have to dig in. Trust me, you wont be disappointed. I had a duo of soup – on one side a vanilla turnip a little sweet and very nice, on the other a curry parsnip that had a little heat to it. Delish on their own but when mixed together a wicked combination of sweet and spicy. That was followed up with some of the most decadent duck stuffed ravioli I’ve ever had. Not that I can say I’ve actually had much duck stuffed ravioli. It was amazing and the reason I went back to work that afternoon as stuffed as the little pasta shells I had been eating.

My mother in law had the stuffed rabbit leg and adored it. Exactly the type of meal you would want to order in a restaurant, a little complex to make at home and all the more tasty because you didn’t have to go through all the work to get the tender results.

Overall – A real find! Great food, great prices and even better staff who are so nice and attentive it really makes your meal. 4.5 out of 5 stars