The other night I was in need of some girl time and a great meal – I got both! My friend Ali and I headed to Fratelli, the Bank Street location for some wine, pasta and great conversation.

Price – Fair, it is about average of what you would spend at any restaurant of this caliber in the city. A 1/2 litre of wine and two mains ran us about $70. For the amount of food we got, the quality and the great service – it was quite a steal.

Ambiance – I LOVE the feel of this place! While it’s a little tight, the high ceilings make you feel like you have room to spare. There is a great collection of art, signed pictures and nick nacks to look at, that all just add to the feeling of home. You honestly feel like you are in a great neighbourhood hang out from the minute you walk through the door. And even though there is great hussel and bussel, it is a pretty popular spot, you never feel rushed.

I also loved the eclectic group of people, from us on our girls night, to a family seated beside us (with a wonderfully behaved little boy) to the couple on a date behind us – this place is perfect start for almost any evening. Dress casual but nice and you’ll fit right in.

Menu Options – A real Italian menu with pizzas, pasta and meat courses. There are some great vegetarian options as well. The portion size is ample – no ned to order both a pasta and a second course as you would in Italy. If you are not a fan of Italian food in any of its forms, this isn’t the place for you… but really who doesn’t love cheese and carbs?

Food – Shazam! It was just what I was craving – a meaty cheesy lasagna with simple but flavourful tomato sauce. And even though I protested when I arrived that I was not that hungry due to a big lunch I had earlier, I had no problem eating every last bite. I did however, have trouble walking home. A task that got easier with each waddle. I heard great things from my dinner companion as well about how great her pasta was. Judging from the happy looks of the packed restaurant around me, I’d say there isn’t a dish on the menu that isn’t grand.

Overall – I really enjoyed my time here – great service, fun atmosphere and tasty food at a great price! 4 out of 5 stars.