A while back I had written a posting about the upcoming Taste of the Prairies event at the National Arts Centre. It took place last night and what a night it was! I know, I know… I am pretty easy to please. Give me some good food, wine and friends and I’m pretty much as happy as I can be. But believe me when I tell you, this was one of the best food events I’ve ever been to. I haven’t been to all of them… yet… but I can honestly say this one was so unique and fun.

First off it was intimate. Less than 100 people in the NAC salon watching chefs cook on a 360 degree stage. They are talking and interacting with the crowd the whole time, and mingling with us as the food is served. Which it was after each demo. Here is Chef Blackie explaining how the evening would unfold:

And here are a few videos of the chefs:

It was a wonderful evening with food that smelled so amazing you almost didn’t want to exhale. Luckily it was served quite soon after that. Kudos to everyone at the NAC including our host Executive Chef Michael Blackie for putting on such a high caliber event.