The other night some fellow food bloggers and I decided we should get out more often and have dinner together. After a bit of planning we ended up at Navarra on Murray street on a Tuesday to take advantage of their tapas menu and live music. Here is the skinny…

Price – Not a bad price in theory. 3 small plates for $25. My only issue – the small plates were very… very small. In fact most of the group was still hungry after our meal. Had I actually been full, I would find the price very reasonable, but when you have to add dessert and some wine just not to be hungry, and not just because it is tasty and you still have a bit of room – then I have a problem.

Ambiance – a very nice little place! I love that the kitchen is right off the bar area so that you can take a look back there when food is being garnished. It was also very convenient for staff to check in on you – which they do quite often. Great, friendly service! It really has the feeling of home, warm and inviting. The live music was really good, just a touch loud. Though we were sitting right beside the band.

Menu Options – Loved the variety of options on the Tuesday Tapas Menu. All Spanish inspired dishes, there was so many to choose from I was lucky that I got to pick 3. Narrowing it down to one would have been down right impossible. Great vegetarian options and even quite a few options for anyone with a gluten allergy.

Food – I’m pretty sad to say I wasn’t overwhelmed. Some of the small plates were alright, but others less so. My three dishes, pictured above were from left to right the Foie Gras Terrine, Baked Corn Tamale and Pibil Pork Quesaldilla. The feeling was unanimous at our table.

Over all – I had a lovely night, but sadly the food wasn’t the highlight. I think I’ll have to return for another night and try the regular menu instead of the small plates. 3 out of 5 stars.