There has been a great movement lately to improve the quality and diversity of the street food offered in Ottawa. It started with a great piece on The Wig about how provincial regulations in 2007 have opened the door to more exciting possibilities of street food options.

Basically, in 2007 the province changed regulations and is now allowing street food to be managed under the blanket of municipal Medical Officers of Health. So locally we can decide about what safe guards need to be in place to keep us healthy at these vendor locations. Until now, the idea has been to limit the type of food sold to foods like hot dogs and french fries.

But I think we can do better! With a more detailed plan on food safety we can open the door to the types of food offered on our streets. And with that bring a dynamic food cart culture as unique as our city! Think of being able to get the amazing brown bag lunch from Whalesbone from a food truck closer to your office! Or how about a gourmet grilled cheese truck? I for one would love to get some really amazing mexican food from street vendors like you can in Mexico.

The Wig has a petition to sign on their site – I’ve also seen it in printed form at places like the Whalesbone. Take a minute and sign it if you haven’t already. What a great step forward this would be for Ottawa!