Thanks so much to Brad Campeau for taking the time to answer a couple of questions for me. For anyone who hasn’t experienced a BGoods Cookie – you are missing out. These cookies are delivered to locations around the city daily including my usual pick up spot, Herb and Spice on Bank Street. Check out his web site for more information.

1. B.Goods is a bakery in a truck! You actually drive your bakery around town for events, markets and festivals. Not to mention delivering fresh cookies to a number of stores in the Ottawa area on a daily basis that are baked in the mobile kitchen. Tell me, why make cookies out of a truck? It must be challenging!

Yes, baking in a truck is and always has been a challenge.  Winters are much cooler and summers can be unbearably hot.  The use of the truck as my production facility all year round is something that helps me to be able balance a business year that is financially unbalanced, with a large portion of my income in a year coming from the festival season. Jazz, Blues, Folk, and Pride festivals are the main contributors, with Bluesfest being the newest addition.  This mobile facility is also mine… I own it.  That in it self has benefits.  The equipment is safe from reclamation if the business is at any point not lucrative enough to pay rent (my initial worry of not making enough sales has proven unfounded).

2. I love your cookie flavors! Which are your top sellers and where do you come up with ideas for the flavor combinations?

Top sellers are:
Spelt Molasses Ginger (by far)
Orange Hazelnut
Whole-wheat Chili-Chocolate

As to how I come up with the flavors, I have been baking since I was 19 and have made a lot of cookies.  Over the years I have developed an instinct about how certain styles of cookies are put together and within that “framework” I play around with flavor combination’s to create palatable and interesting cookies! 

All cookie flavors are listed on our Blog/Site

3. Why cookies? Of all the things to bake in a truck, why did you decide to make cookies?

There are a few reasons. Primarily I started with cookies because I was unable to find a delicious cookie in Ottawa that tasted fresh baked.  You know what I mean, chewy in the middle and crispy on the edges, baked on the day the that you’re eating it. Secondarily I realized that the fluctuations in temperature that always happen in the Bakery (read: truck) limited the types of items that could be produced effectively.  Bread, as an example, is out of the question as it would rise too quickly in the heat and not enough in the cold!

4. What is your favorite cookie? It doesn’t have to be one of yours, but I’d be surprised if it wasn’t!

When I was growing up my favorite type of cookie was the Sugar Wafer.  4 Layers of lightly sweetened wafer and overly sweet flavored icings in Chocolate, Vanilla, Strawberry and Neapolitan. Since I have been making my own cookies, I am extremely fond of the Orange Hazelnut.  It and it alone has caused me to develop a serious hazelnut addiction.

Thanks again Brad for taking the time. For everyone in Ottawa make sure you get yourself a BGoods Cookie this festival season! Or why wait? There are plenty of locations with fresh cookies waiting for you now – a great way to perk up a rainy Friday!