Another great NAC event last night, this time brought to you by the fine wine folks at Savvy Company. The Wineries of Niagara on the Lake was an event that saw 26 Canadian wineries showcasing 52 of their best new releases to a group of very lucky wine lovers.

It was such an enjoyable experience to have all the wine representatives and some wine makers in one room together. The crowd was the perfect size that you could easily chat with each winery while you tasted. Casual and relaxed, you could make your way table to table, taking your time and sampling as you go.

Beyond the atmosphere, what made this event unique was your ability to purchase by bottle. Normally when events like this are run, you have to purchase by the case. Last night, however, you had the option of buying a single wine or mixing and matching to make a few bottles of your favorites. For someone who loves drinking wine, but doesn’t know enough about it for it to be a hobby that she invests too much in, this is a great option. For others who, when presented with a wine they love, are going to buy an entire case of it – the deals weren’t stellar.

Overall it was a wonderful night for Canadian wines! Check out Savvy Company’s website for a listing of all their great events.