10 minutes from Ottawa, near Gatineau park in Old Chelsea is a wonderful Nature Spa called Le Nordik. I’m sure most people know of it and it’s relaxing atmosphere. They have a wonderful Nordic Bath system (where you go from hot, to cold then relax and repeat the cycle), offer massages and other spa treatments, and have a restaurant.

I’ve recently started a new job that during the months of May and June can be quite demanding, so as a wonderful birthday surprise hubby took me to Le Nordik for a little R,R & F – rest, relaxation and food!

Price – It’s very well priced. Like everything at Le Nordik you expect that because you are at a spa in a beautiful nature setting that you are going to pay an arm and a leg, then are pleasantly surprised. A shared started and dessert, two mains and two glasses of wine cost $75, and we were eating some of the more expensive menu items.

Ambiance – It’s unlike any restaurant you have ever been to. It is so relaxing, but not in a casual cozy way, but in an honestly relaxed and laid back vibe. You unwind just sitting and sipping your wine. It’s part of the spa, so it’s very casual. You can feel free to go in your bath robe, with some clothes thrown over a bathing suit, or fully dressed. I suggest casual dress, it’s all about comfort here.

Menu Options – It’s a small menu that doubles as lunch and dinner. It’s quite versatile in that regard, but you will find something for everyone here. Everything they offer is done with class and is a bit upscale. It may be comforting and delicious food, but that’s not to say it isn’t elegant and refined.

Food – Really tasty. Hubby and I both thoroughly enjoyed our meals, though I have to say without the atmosphere and the activities I didn’t find that there was anything show stopping. The food was quite good, but it wasn’t the draw to Le Nordik, more like the icing on an already amazing cake.

Overall – I love Le Nordik but if I come back it will be for the total package of nordic baths and food, not simply for the meal. 3 out of 5 stars.