I can think of a few things wrong with that title. I guess maybe I should have called it “The challenge for Jodi, but not everyone as some people do more than this easily… but a bigger challenge for some who do less than she is attempting”. Somehow it didn’t have the same ring to it.

I’ve known for quite some time that my family and I consume too much meat. My goal of a vegetarian meal or two a week, while well intentioned really doesn’t do much to curb  the amount of animal products we ingest. My way of thinking remains the same and when in a pinch or strapped for time / ideas I normally revert to my meat eating ways… or a veggie pasta.

The fact of the matter is that according to studies we are eating 4 times the amount of meat that we were in 1961. Both more often and in bigger portions. We no longer have a burger, we have a 3 patty burger with bacon. Oh and pass on the bun… we’re watching our waist line.

It’s not the healthiest of eating habits as talked about in more detail here, and in several other places, it’s not good for the planet in many ways and at times it’s got me into a bit of a cooking rut.

So here is my plan… my challenge to myself and my family as it were. Starting this week I plan to eat meat and fish no more than 3 times per week. That includes lunch, breakfast and dinner. Should I wish to use all three meat servings in one day with a bacon and sausage breakfast, followed by a turkey club lunch and a salmon dinner. So be it. But only 3 per week.

Of course, I will allow a few little slips for myself and they are as follows:

1. I would rather use homemade than store bought, so if I need stock and all I have in the freezer at that moment is chicken, beef or whatever – I’m going to use it.

2. I will not waste food in the interest of this challenge. So if there is a bit of meat left overs and I’ve already used my 3 meals, I will still eat it. That said I will go out of my way to make sure that I do everything I can to save the left overs, or not have any in the first place, so that I do not go over my 3 meals a week.

And there you have it. Of the 21 meals I eat per week plus snacks, only 3 will include meat. A step up from the one or two veggie meals and their leftovers I make per week currently. I’ll keep up with regular posts about my struggles – because I have no delusions that this will be all that easy. Luckily the farmer’s markets have lots to inspire me with… but unluckily ribfest started yesterday… oh well! That’s why I get 3 meat meals a week!!