Another three recipes from Mad Hungry, another 3 success stories! I’m really loving this cook book and it’s simple, straight forward meals.

The first one I tried was the Grilled Hanger Steak from page 144. A simple marinade of wine, Worcestershire, Dijon and a bit of seasoning and you are good to go. Which is great because I had to throw it together just before rushing out the door on my way to work. Because I’m me, I had intended to have it the night before, realized I left it too long and it didn’t have time to sit so resolved to make it the next day. With 3 minutes left before I was supposed to be gone, I remembered what had happened last night – but luckily it was easy to whip up in a flash. Tasted great too. The scene I had just described happens WAY too often in my life so I often don’t marinade anything, but I loved the flavours it brought to the steak. Just delish.

Next was the Tuna Tomato Pasta on page 177. For some reason every time I never think to add canned tuna to pasta unless it’s a recipe. But then I’m always thrilled with the results. I love pasta, I love tomatoes and I love tuna – so I obviously enjoyed the dish! As is the style of the book, not too many steps (4) and not too many ingredients (9 – 3 of which are herbs / seasoning) and you get a hearty, wonderful meal that is sure to satisfy any sized appetite. It was even better reheated the next day! That’s one of the lovely parts about cooking from a book for people with large appetites, but not always having one yourself… plenty of left overs.

Finally the Cheesy Scalloped Potatoes on page 198. You can put cheese on anything and I’d be happy. I love scalloped potatoes. So much so that I once convinced my Nana to cook them for me in August saying it couldn’t possibly be any hotter in her house anyway so why not have yummy potatoes? Yeah… I was that kid. This dish was great, but it makes a lot – not that I don’t want to eat them a couple times in a week, but next time I think I will cut it in half. Something about a whole lunch of nothing but scalloped potatoes seems like a dangerous thing to my arse.

For next time I’m going to be cooking:

Shrimp Scampi page 172
Chicken Salad Sandwiches page 78
Blueberry Bran Muffins page 49

Happy cooking!