So this marks the start of my second week of my Vegetarian Challenge for myself and my family, and all I can say is ‘Sweet Lucifer I Did It!’ … For a week… but yay! Good start I dare say. So far here is what I’ve learned about myself and my eating habits through trying to change them:

1. I am pretty dependant on animal protein. There is no way I could do vegan without a serious over haul of the way I think. Not that I think I would do the vegan thing, but that’s a discussion for another day. Without meat as an option my mind immediately goes to eggs and grains and looks to cheese to make it all delish.

2. I think about meat and will end up eating it more on a weekend then during the week. During the week my days have structure and I’m more able to plan out my meals. The weekend is a bit of a different story – I had two of my meat meals while I was away for work over the weekend. I’ll be interested to see how travel plays into my choices for vegetarian meals… but that’s a few weeks away yet!

3. This challenge has made me re-evaluate what I consider ‘good’. For instance, Saturday on my way back to Ottawa from a work event I stopped at subway. I ordered my favorite sub – one with meat – and started to eat. When I was done I was so disappointed that I had waisted a meat meal on this sandwich. It was just as good as any other time I had eaten it from subway, but now that I am only eating meat 3 times a week, it was lacking. I spent the rest of the week eating vegetarian until last night when I had some amazing home cooked ribs that I had gotten fresh that day from Aubreys. Fall off the bone tender, local and amazing – that’s the way to have meat.

This week I didn’t try anything too crazy – though I did venture out and try a new veggie burger concoction that needs a bit of refinement. The one thing I did change up was trying to get more beans into my diet – but that’s just another diet change I’m working towards at the moment along with this challenge and getting rid of most processed sugar in my day to day life – a post on that soon to come. That resulted in a pureed pasta sauce with chickpeas along with some other dishes.

Week one was a success, but this is Canada Day long weekend and the BBQ’s will be out in full force. I’ve got a house full of guests and I’m hoping I can stick to my guns! We’ll see how it all plays out next week… happy vegging!