Another week into the vegetarian challenge and time for an update! I’m getting a little more adventurous with my vegetarian cooking and I’m happy to say that my way of thinking surrounding cooking is starting to change. Meat is no longer the first thing that pops into my head to answer the question of ‘what’s for dinner’… but I’ve noticed some other things too. Here are my three observations for this week:

1. I find lunch harder to do meat free than dinner. It might be because I’m used to putting in less effort into my lunches, but if I don’t have veggie left overs I still find myself thinking of chicken salad for a sandwich or something along those lines. Still need some work here.

2. This week I was much more selective about my meat choices and found them more enjoyable because of it. That sausage on a bun on Canada Day was one of the best I have ever had. Even though they are from the same side of pork that I had eaten from numerous times… this one was special. And even if I decide to have the same meal again this week as one of my meat meals, it will be equally as special.

3. One of the things I thought I was going to have the hardest time with was eating out at restaurants. I thought that I would look at the menu and feel deprived if I was trying to eat veggie that day. I ate out 3 times this week, and went veggie for all of the meals without batting an eye. I never felt like I was missing anything, and one of the meals the thing I wanted most just so happened to be vegetarian. That said, if I’m going out I try to keep a meat meal free just incase there is something really tempting!

Like I said, my food is getting a little more adventurous as well. There was a cold corn and black bean taco dish, which was lovely. Yes there was still a veggie pasta last week, but it was an olive oil and basil based pasta with prunes, goats cheese and nuts. Sweet and tangy, and very very good.

I also experimented with stuffing deliciousness into egg roll wrappers and trying my hand at different curries. A mushroom based one and a bean based one served over puff pastry just for something different.

I’m still attempting to use veggies to replace meat (cutting and frying strips of seasoned zucchini to replace bacon with my eggs one morning), but for the most part veggies are starting to shine for me and I’m loving the challenge of cooking this way!

How do you get more veggies into your day?