I met a couple of friends for food and drinks the other night at Elgin Street’s Oz Kafe. I’ve been before and have been meaning to get back to it for a review – but they aren’t open for lunch… thus first attempt foiled! So here we are. It was a lovely afternoon on their cute, but busy little patio at the far end of Elgin.

Price – Affordable. Most menu items are under $20 with things like the sustainable fish going just slightly over that. Your drink menu can quickly double your bill… but really, isn’t that the danger with all cocktail bills? Especially on a night with nice weather and good conversation.

Ambiance – Think trendy hole in the wall. It’s a small place with style. You can feel comfortable there in your favorite jeans and a nice shirt, but if you are heading there straight from work, you wont be over dressed. There is a comfortable laid back vibe that the great staff really motivate. They are patient, helpful and friendly. Not once did we feel rushed even though we were in a primo spot that I’m sure was snagged the minute we vacated.

Menu Options – An ever changing menu that goes with the seasons, there is a lot here to chose from. Most vegetarian items can be made vegan upon request and I was very happy to see that the fish choices were sustainable and there were quite a few vegetarian options. This was the one night of my eating out where the dish I wanted just happened to be vegetarian! More on that next. Just a word that some of the vegetarian items contain things like fish sauce, so depending on what kind of vegetarian you are, make sure you ask your server.

Food – I ended up with a wonderful sharing plate that I refused to share. A selection of 3 cheeses, (one local the others close by) some pickled vegetables, toasted spicy nuts and some really wonderful bread and rhubarb compote rounded out my dinner. If given the choice I’d make the exact same one, but maybe have the larger sharing plate instead of the small! It was that good!

Overall – I really enjoyed my time at Oz Kafe and am looking forward to returning and trying something new on the menu. 5 out of 5.