This weekend I had the opportunity to volunteer for the Ottawa Food Bank. It was just a couple hoursย of my day and was so easy that it reminded me that I don’t do nearly enough for others. As I stood at the entrance to Confederation Park collecting donations from those out enjoying the day, I realized there was an even easier way that I could be helping the food bank but have been neglecting to do so – I can donate food. There is a big collection bin in pretty much every grocery store that sits next to empty each week as I shop.

So I made a promise to myself and the food bank that from this point on I am going to buy at least one item every grocery shop – yes even the times I’m just running in for a few items I’ve forgotten – and put it in that bin for the food bank.

Want to join me? Come on… it will make you feel good – and can really help a person in need. Maybe you already support a charity! Tell me about it in the comments section.