As if you needed a reason to have a BBQ, right? Well August 6 is National BBQ Day and you could have the chance to win a two tickets to anywhere West Jet goes and helping out a pretty cool charity in just four easy steps.

Step 1 – visit the National BBQ Day website to sign up.
Step 2 – Buy local ingredients for you to BBQ for you and your guests… or go pot luckΒ but make sure everyone is buying local!
Step 3 – Grill! Have your friends and family over for a great BBQ. Enjoy the local fare and discuss how you can continue to support your local economy.
Step 4 – Head back to the National BBQ website to find ways to share the story of your BBQ with contest organizers. Let them know all about your BBQ (make sure to take some pictures) and you will be entered into the draw for the West Jet tickets!

It’s that easy. So who is behind this initiative to get people talking about local food while enjoying it over a BBQ? Meal Exchange! A student run charity that seeks to donate food items to charities who can distribute it to the hungry in various communities, educate students about root causes of hunger and food security, create opportunities for students to volunteer with food related non-profits and identify studentΒ solutions to hunger.

For more information on this day or Meal Exchange take a look on their websites and consider having a BBQ on August 6!