I’m into this Veggie Challenge for over a month now and I have to say it’s been much easier than I ever thought it would be. I’m crediting that to the time of year. Had I attempted this in the middle of winter I’m sure I would have found my results much different. But I have read that behavioural researchers say that it takes 3 weeks for a new habit to become a permanate change in someone’s life… so it looks like my odds of sticking with this are pretty good!

Here are my latest observations:

– I’m saving money on my grocery bill by not buying more expensive proteins such as meat, but replacing it with things like eggs and beans. However, I’m not sure where those savings are going. I don’t come out with an extra $50 after shopping like I had hoped to… though I have been going out a bit more lately. I have a sneaking suspicion that Cineplex and the gas pumps are getting my savings.

– I’m not seeing the big heath benefits I had hoped for. Not that we are unhealthy, it’s just that you hear all these people talk about how much more energy they have, blah blah blah. I’m pretty much the same as I ever was. No weight loss, no bursts of energy. Nada. But I’m crediting that to the fact that the family and I always were pretty healthy and active. Perhaps it takes a more dramatic change to see these kind of results.

So… enter a more dramatic change. I’m pumping up the Vegetarian Challenge. Right now I eat meat 3 meals a week, leaving  18 meals and snacks that are vegetarian (read: no animal flesh). I’m going to keep the 3 meat meals a week (which got seriously stretched the weekend we went to New York City, but I’ve been playing catch up ever since), but now I’m going to make 5 of the 18 veggie meal SUPER veggie – meaning vegan (read: no animal flesh or products of any kind).

I started yesterday with a PB and J sandwich at lunch and some tamales for dinner. So far so good! Since I start ‘counting’ on Friday, that’s when this will officially kick off. I’m thinking this will present much more of a challenge, but hopefully some bigger rewards.

Have you, or anyone in their family, drastically changed their diet? Do you have any advice? Leave me a comment!