Drum roll please… the new book for the cook along book club is:

Moosewood Restaurant: Cooking for Health by The Moosewood Collective

For those of you new to the site who want to know a bit about the cook along book club, it works like this. Just like a regular book club that reads a book together, we take it a step forward and cook recipes out of a selected cookbook together. Then you can post your thoughts about the recipes and the book in general! Don’t feel you need to rush out and buy this book, try borrowing it from your local library. Then you can cook from it a bit, see if it is something worth buying for you and your family. Most times the books are great, other times you will be happy you tried before you bought it.

This time around I’m going to be cooking these three recipes.

Ginger Orange Tea, page 44
Yellow Split Pea Dip, page 71
Sweet Potato – Walnut Salad on Arugula, page 89

Happy cooking!