I’ve been sitting on this post for a while now until the official winners were out but now I can say – congrats to Hubby who won 1st prize in a commercial contest for Kichesippi beer! The local brewery teamed up with a local digital short film festival (Digi60) to appeal to filmmakers to produce 1 minute commercials about the beer. I guess for some reason when you think Kichesippi you think zombies because all three of the top spots were grabbed by zombie commercials. Check out the winners here.

As I said the top spot when to Hubs and his great team of cast and crew (our friends) who work for beer. Here is his commercial and some shots from that day. Photos courtesy of my buddy Frank.


Like that? Then you will love hubs award winning Digi 60 entry from last year. It just played over the weekend at the Ottawa international film festival, and will be on CBC Ottawa this Saturday at 7pm. This kid is going places… I plan to ride his coat tails.