The other night I was lucky enough to attend another wonderful event put on by Savvy Company. This time it was a wine and cheese event, and I swear… I will never look at pairing wine and cheese the same.  What made this experience different? Often when you are pairing wine and cheese you are either speaking with someone who knows wine but not as much about cheese, or vice versa. Not at this event. Savvy actually has on staff a cheese sommelier (a wonderful woman by the name of Vanessa), who works with the very talented wine sommeliers to select an evening of samples that work so perfectly together it seems a shame that they aren’t sold side by side.

Sample after sample of cheese, along with some wonderful information about how cheese is made and where this particular variety comes from results in a wonderful evening. You also can’t help but enjoy the company of people who entered as strangers, but left as friends after some bonding over the wonders you discovered together. I swear, there was actually moments where the cheese was changed so much by the type of wine I was drinking it was like a whole new variety. And while I can still say I’m not a fan of blue cheese, I loved learning so much about it and other kinds from someone who is so clearly passionate about the subject.

These events are great fun, and I would recommend them to anyone looking for some foodie fun in Ottawa. They run once a month, with different cheeses each time. Check out the Savvy site for more information.