On a cool and grey Sunday afternoon a dear friend and I headed to the new Ottawa Humane Society building in Ottawa South to attend a Garden Party in memory of Chef Kurt Waldele. This was an event started by the former Executive Chef of the NAC’s Le Cafe some years ago, and has now been taken up by his friends and loved ones as a tribute to the man, his memory, great food and helping a cause that was near to his heart.

With over 20 great local chefs donating their time and resources to the event, it was an afternoon of culinary delights. Below are just a few pictures I took during the event, one of sous chefs from Atelier playing with some liquid nitrogen… a common practice for them I’m sure! One of a mouth watering pork dish put together by Chef Lyness of Brook Street Hotel, the delectable offerings from Stubbe Chocolates & Simply Biscotti and one of my friend Ali and her new bestest buddy that we decided to call Rosie.

When this event happens next year I strongly recommend you check it out, a worth while cause, wonderful food and the opportunity to speak with some of Ottawas most talented chefs face to face. What more could you ask for?