I always love new book time for the cook along book club, so many new recipes to choose from! A new style to work with and new tips and tricks to learn. Let’s get cracking.

This week I made:

Ginger Orange Tea, page 44
Yellow Split Pea Dip, page 71
Sweet Potato – Walnut Salad on Arugula, page 89

Ok. The ginger orange ‘tea’ was simple and really flavourful. I loved the kick of the  ginger but I am definitely a ginger lover. There is nothing in the world that can’t be made better with a kick arse ginger cookie. I decided that rather than put the ginger loose into a pot of water and then strain it out, I just put the boiling water into a tea pot and put the ginger into my infuser the way I would with tea leaves. It made clean up way easier. Beyond being tasty, I believe this would be the ultimate ‘get better’ drink. Not that I’m looking forward to using it during cold and flu season.

The yellow split pea dip was really tasty! A little time consuming for dip, but well worth the effort. We eat a lot of humus and tzatziki in my house and it was nice to get away from them for a bit. I also loved that this recipe was one of the only ones where I had everything I needed right in my fridge/cupboard. That goes a long way to my enjoyment of a meal and the ease of it’s preparation! I know I’ll be making it again, even if it’s just because it’s good and I probably have everything I need.

Finally the sweet potato and walnut salad. Over all I enjoyed it. I liked the way the sweet potato played with the bold and bitter arugula. But I find I’m not the biggest fan of arugula that I want it to be the main source of greens in my salad. So while I liked it the first time I had it. I enjoyed the left overs even more when I had them on a bed of mixed greens including arugula. This salad is a bit more complex than your average mixed greens, and a bit heartier so it really gives it that feeling of a meal. Even hubby, who for some reason hates the idea of salad (or soup for that matter) as a meal, felt satisfied with this. I just may change that man yet.

Moving on to next week! Here are the three recipes I’m going to be making:

Mushroom Walnut Spread, page 66
Curried Lentil Burgers, page 151
Pasta with Tomato Peach Sauce, page 233

Happy cooking!