Ever wanted to be part of a flash mob but you can’t dance? And you really don’t have time or desire to learn. Plus your thing is more food than dance anyway… well have I got an event for you!! It’s called Harvest Noir, and it’s a picnic flash mob. That’s right… a bunch of people show up to a secret location in Ottawa (dressed head to toe in black for effect) and have a picnic! Neat right?!?

But not just any picnic. A gourmet picnic that celebrates seasonal and local eating. There will be a DJ, live music,  Cirque du Soleil-style performers and many other entertaining surprises over the evening. It’s sure to be the most talked about food event on the Ottawa scene for many moons.

How does it work? Well a person signs up as the head of the table and invites 7 friends to come with them. They can either prepare the whole meal, or work it out with their friends ahead of time and do it pot luck style. The location will only be given to those that register after the registration has closed (Wednesday September 28th).

So remember, registration closes next Wednesday. Come and be a part of a food event that is sure to be a memorable experience! For more information check out the Harvest Noir Facebook Page. Hope to see you there.