I’ve given it a couple more weeks, and though I can say I’ve taken to a vegetarian diet 95% of the time like a duck to water, veganism is just not coming as easily. I still manage to get in at least 3 vegan meals a week, but I’m finding it hard to make my goal of 5 a week. Oddly enough, breakfast seems to be one of the easiest meals for me to go vegan with. Through the week having toast with a nut butter, eating a vegan baked goodΒ or using almond milk on my cereal is the easiest way I’ve found to get a totally plant based meal into my diet. Pancakes are another super easy vegan breakfast.

But try as I might… I don’t like tofu scramble. It’s not the same as eggs. It just isn’t. To be fair I’m not a huge scrambled egg person anyway.

I think that to live a totally vegan lifestyle it needs to be something you believe in. It’s not easy. Animal products are everywhere. And most vegans go beyond just not eating animal products to not using animal products in any way. Here are a few surprising places where animal products are used, unless expressly stated on the packaging.

1. Plastic bags, including non reusable shopping bags
2. Car and bike tires
3. Glue in woodwork and musical instruments
4. Fireworks
5. Fabric softner
6. Shampoo
7. Toothpaste
8. Processed sugar

For a more detailed explanation of what animal products are in each take a look here.

I know that no one is a saint and many vegans admit that they can’t live a life totally free of animal products, but most are doing what they can to limit them in their lifestyles. I know that I have that level of commitment for the cause to be a full vegan. I’m ok with meat as long as it meets my personal standards in terms of where it comes from and how it was raised/killed. But there are plenty of reasons for limiting the meat and animal products that one consumes. So I’m going to keep trying to get up to 5 vegan meals a week, if not for ethical reasons then for health. Maybe looking at it that way will help me to stay focused and not add cheese to everything.