Ontario Craft Breweries are brewing some delicious beers these days and beer drinkers are taking notice. The LCBO’s sales of Ontario Craft Beer have increased by almost 53% over last year.  That’s pretty amazing considering the sale of Ontario wine only increased a still very respectable 15% over last year.
Now that fall is here and many local breweries are launching fall seasonal beers I thought I’d recommend some Ontario brewed beers that are perfectly suited to sipping this pre-winter.

What makes a good fall beer?
As an avid beer drinker and lover of all things brew my idea of a good autumn beer are typically:
– Amber, copper or brown coloured beers which usually impart a sweeter or more malty flavour
– Ales as opposed to Lagers are typically a better fit to our chilly fall weather for their
– Slightly higher in alcohol content than a lighter coloured summer beer or lager

All the beers mentioned below are beers that I have personally tasted on several occasions. These are tried and tested brews I believe will match up perfectly with your thanksgiving dinner, watching hockey or just watching the leaves fall.

Mill Street Tankhouse Ale – This is one of my favourite everyday brews but this copper ale is perfectly suited to the fall season. Tankhouse Ale is quite a hoppy or bitter beer but it’s perfectly balanced by sweet malts. This is definitely a great session beer where one is just not enough.

Beau’s Night Marzen – This Oktoberfest beer from Beau’s is a beautiful amber/almost ruby colour.  It has a really nice sweet biscuit like flavour up front and then ends with some dried fruit flavour and a nice slightly floral hoppy finish. This is a very drinkable beer.

Kichesippi 1855 – Ottawa’s own Kichessippi has been brewing this dark ale since this summer but this is a fantastic autumn ale.  Visually it’s a more of a brown when compared to the Beau’s Night Marzen’s ruby hue. The flavour is sweet with a hint of roasted malt up front and more of a dry finish and less fruity notes when compared to the Beau’s.

Special Mention:
St. Ambroise Pumpkin Ale  – While this beer is from Quebec I still felt compelled to mention it as it’s a perfect fall beer and might be a revelation to some less experienced beer drinkers. This light amber ale is brewed with pumpkin and spices (nutmeg, cloves and cinnamon) and is a wonderful beer to enjoy with Thanksgiving dinner.


Thanks to my friend Shaun Desjardins for this wonderful post! Shaun is an an avid beer drinker and lover of all things brew. Cheers!