As we celebrate our Thanksgiving with family next weekend, this long weekend Hubby and I were eating too much celebrating our anniversary rather than eating too much while giving thanks. This year it was hubs year to plan our get away and what a job he did! After months of me begging to know where we were going / what we would be doing (I’m not really good with surprises)… the day had finally arrived and to my surprise we were heading to Wakefield to stay at the Wakefield Mill and have their ‘discovery menu’. The menu changes all the time, you have no idea what you are going to be having – you are in the chef’s hands for 7 wonderful courses.

This is definitely for the adventurous diner – and it certainly helps if you are willing to give most anything a taste. I won’t cover too much of the specifics of what we had, I don’t want to ruin the surprise. But I will say the deer tartar was amazing! They also had a smoked tuna portion that was really yummy. Not to mention the pear and fois gras course. Just awesome! After we finished I swore I was so full that I would never be able to eat again… though some how I managed come time for brunch. The human body is quite something.

I hoped everyone had a wonderful time eating just a bit too much this weekend – what was your favorite dish?