Wowzers. Do the kids still say that? What? It was only Inspector Gadget that said that? Well… it’s a fitting word to describe Atelier. I had the pleasure of attending a lunch event for Ford at Atelier. This wasn’t your typical run of the meal lunch (and so my review will stray a bit away from my usual as well). Basically Ford has come up with a new breed of Eco car made from items which, in their natural form are edible. For example: Soy is used in the foam padding of the car seats. Dandelion is used in the creation of the tires. You get the idea. The car has corn, dandelions, soy, wheat and coconut in it… and so did the meal.

We started with a tiny shrimp with gelled soy, apples and garden sorrel.

Moved on to a giant scallop with warm coconut foam, bacon, fennel, celery, radish and cilantro.

Followed by sous-vide bison tenderloin with truffle mayo, gouda panisse, corn, farro and watercrest.

And topped it off with dandelion honey cake with toasted hay ice cream and cranberry meringue.

This was one of the best lunches I have ever eaten. Chef Marc Lepine is an artist – painting with flavour. But more than that he reinvents the textures of food using techniques and methods that allow that flavour to really shine through, transforming ingredients into more than they were before he came along. Kind of like when Rob Zombie covered Brick House. Awesome.

Overall Atelier is one of Ottawa’s most unique and amazing restaurants. 5 out of 5 stars.