Located on Dalhousie and Bruyere is what is fast becoming my new favourite coffee shop. Comfortable as your favorite pair of jeans, with the nicest staff around, Ideal Coffee may not be chic but it is busting with character.

Coffee, which is roasted on site, hot chocolate made from local Cochrane’s milk and their tea all come in one size and for a very reasonable price. Hubby, ‘the kid’ and I had one of everything I just listed and the price was right around $6.

With free wi-fi and a pac man video arcade in the corner this place has it all and with more charm than you find at any Starbucks or Timmies. Though if you are looking for a flavoured coffee, you are out of luck here. But it isn’t always a bad thing to stick to the basics. Especially when you rock the basics the way Ideal Coffee does.

4.5 out of 5 stars