And the winner of last weeks 3 pack is Kelly Brisson from The Gouda Life! She and her boy seem to be winning everything these days. Want to know what I am talking about … check out Kelly’s blog.

On to this weeks collection of books to bid on. A quick reminder that you bid with pairs of underpants, which are then given to Underpants Up, a local Ottawa initiative that is trying to raise 1017 pairs of underpants for shelters. You get books, you give underpants. We all win.

This week I am offering up a 3 pack of books that deal with local and sustainable eating. Like only a book in the 3 pack?? Bid away and give the other two as gifts! Or better yet donate them to your local library. These are all brand spanking new and recent publications. With out further ado – here they are:

The Ocean Wise cookbook is book focused on providing recipes and information for sustainable fish and seafood. Ocean Wise itself is a program where chefs and those ordering the seafood are in direct contact with those doing the catching. If 3 salmon are ordered, then only 3 are caught. No more. They are also caught only in season and only using methods that do the least amount of damage to the surrounding ecosystem.

Backyard Harvest – as you can see from the cover… all about growing your own vegetables then making the most of them with amazing recipes. Eating local is a great way to cut green house gases by lessening the amount of travel time your food has. What is closer than your own back yard? It is also a way to get some really cheap organic veggies!

In the same spirit of Backyard Harvest, comes a really exciting book sharing recipes, legends and the culture of various North American Indian tribes. Learn to cook their traditional foods all while eating locally and seasonally.

Thank you Ottawa for being so generous! These underpants really are going to a great cause.