Maybe I have too much time on my hands… or at least I have a very active imagination. But I have started thinking about the pets I have had in my life and have come to realize, that they too, are foodies. A foodie of course is just anyone that enjoys food and looks at it like a hobby, rather than that thing they need to do to stay alive. But within that genre there are different kinds of foodies. So today I ask – what kind of foodie are you?

Yes he is eating a hat.

Let’s start with my pup Lemon. He is a ‘everything and the kitchen sink’ kind of foodie. The type of guy who, when offered a lobster stuffed with hot dog tacos, might give it a couple of sniffs before taking a bite. But is still going to give it that bite. And chances are, he is going to like it. I got to say, I am this kind of foodie. I love it all. I know that there are some things I like better than others, and I try to stick with my convictions, but for the most part, I get enjoyment out of most everything I eat. And for Lemon that list includes insulation, pens, Barbie dolls, leaves, sticks and other actual food items.

Is that tuna? No? Then nevermind.

Then there is your high class eater. The guy who wont put just anything into his mouth. It has to be of a certain quality. I call this guy Jack the Cat or Jackie VonKittyBitty. You can call him a ‘high end foodie’. Nothing but the best for this one. I mean sure, if he is starving he might lower himself to the level of eating Friskies, but that is not what he wants. He seeks out the finer foods – creams, tuna and water only if it is coming directly out of the tap or has been changed with in the last 2 minutes and the dog has not yet touched it. In a human that can translate to many things: high end mushrooms, baked goods only from your favorite baker, only the most expensive meats and cheeses.

I am not saying there is anything wrong with this! In fact, Jack seems to be getting along just fine.

Such a little sweet pea.

Then we come to the ‘most anything… with a few exceptions’ foodie. In the pet world… this was my bunny Snowflake. Cute, adorable and oh so soft (my rabbit, not the foodies in this category), she would eat most anything you gave her – as long as it fell within her dietary restrictions. Veggies only. But after that she was game for almost anything. Bits of grass – bring it on! Carrots… you bet. She would stand on her back legs and reach for clover I would pick in the field at the end of our drive way. These foodies love food – just not all of it. I am certain the tuna that both Lemon and Jack adore, would not go over so well with Snowflake. So if you are a lover of food – but perhaps only vegan/vegetarian food, or raw food, or only organic nothing else will ever touch my lips food. Then you are in this category!

“Did you see this pirate ship??”

Finally there is the ‘non foodie’, these would be the fish I had. The only one I can really remember was an Angel Fish I named Steve who kept bumping his head against the glass. These are the foodies who really enjoy what they are eating, while they are eating it and will come from far and wide to get it when the dinner bell rings. But in the mean time, food seems to be the least of their thoughts. How can you think about fish flakes when there is this cool sunken ship to deal with?!?!

So what kind of foodie are you? Are there some other types I have yet to encounter?