I just got back from 24 hours in Sin City. I loved every second! Great weather, great drink and great food. Here is a quick recap of my more notable gastronomic adventures.

The ‘Heart Attack Grill’ on Freemont Street – servers dressed as nurses and diners wore  hospital gowns!

I had lunch at Fleur by Hubert Keller in Mandalay Bay. What a sunning hotel/casino. I had an Italian sandwich, with ingredients so fresh, so amazing it was like eating a memory of my trip to Italy a few years back. Seriously. One bite and I was back at this little cafe that hubs and I would frequent before dinner in Rome that over looked the Colosseum. Not only were they Italian ingredients but they were Italian ingredients the way Italians would use them.  Hubs had a burger that was exactly what a hamburger should be. Simple, yet devastatingly delicious.

A taste of Italy.

Dinner was spent at Bouchon in the maze they call the Venetian. It took me asking 3 people how to get to it, but was it worth it! With world class service out done only by the food. I wish I had been a bit hungrier, so I only had my main. But I tried some of Hubby’s French Onion soup and was actually excited for him it was so tasty. Have you ever had that? You get excited knowing that someone else is about to have a foodgasim.

The bread was served as mini baguette baked together – how cute!

It was at this meal, that I had what I believe to date is the best piece of salmon I have ever had. Moist and tender, but with a bit of salted crispy topping that just made me want to melt in to a huge puddle of ‘yum’. It was on a bed of lemon Israeli couscous that I could not get enough of. One of the best meals I have ever had.

The next morning I was surprisingly hungry, so we headed to Hash House A Go-Go for what they claim was the best breakfast in Vegas. Both Adam Richman from Man vs. Food AND Dr. Phil recommended it. Who was I to say no? Honestly… it was great. HUGE portions. Which I think might have been the only downfall. There was so much food that I ate only half of my plate but haven’t been able to eat another meal in over 24 hours. But it was so tasty. Everything made from scratch – I had my first taste of biscuits and sausage gravy. Which were piled on killer mashed potatoes and served with two eggs. I foolishly got toast on the side. Man was it good though. I almost wanted to take it home with me, but I knew I couldn’t get it past air port security.

Twisted farm to table food – it was much bigger in person.

I can’t wait to go back to Vegas… every hotel has at least 3 restaurants I am dying to try and they change all the time. Have you ever been? What was your favorite food stop?

Full. Happy. Ready for bed.