For the third time in as many days I have visited Sconewitch just off of Lyon for what I am now calling ‘my fix’. A mouth watering, flavourful, just the right combination of crispy outer and soft flaky inner … scone. Sk-on or Sk-cone however you want to pronounce it, I call them heaven.

Look at this bad boy… all delicious and whatnot.

Now I have reviewed Sconewitch scones before, and since then have had many wonderful brunches at their Beechwood location (I actually have random cravings for their scrambled eggs with mushroom ragu). So why bring it up again? To gloat that I have such a tasty scone and you, perhaps, do not. Nope – because mine was gone faster than you could read this post.

Poor little guy didn’t stand an Anti-Gun Policy’s chance in Texas.

I bring it up to let you know about the wonderful new holiday flavour… gingerbread scone! Available now and as amazing as you are imagining it. I have to say that I love spicy flavoured sweets like ginger and cinnamon, sometimes even more than chocolate. So this holiday flavour is right up my ally – but trust me you super sweet lovers, you will not be disappointed. So wonderful. So festive. And even though today I had a herb and onion (trying to break up my newly forming routine), you can bet that tomorrow I will most likely be back to gingerbread. A flavour I once thought only for men and houses now happily in scone form.

Happy eating!