Ha! Remember the last time I wrote a cook along book club post and apologized for being tardy. Well this late post makes that one look on time in comparison. I have to apologize… I am sure I had good intentions – yadda yadda yadda.

So the final two recipes I was making came were:
Italian Sweet Potato Gratin, page 199
Japanese Noodles with Tomatoes, page 230

As always, I managed to “read” the recipes in my typical fashion. What resulted was an Italian Potato Gratin that was amazing… but made with regular potatoes. I bought sweet potatoes. I intended to use sweet potatoes but come time to find them my fridge did that thing where it becomes an endless void of ingredients and they were nowhere to be found until the completed dish was in the oven. Then of course they were the first thing I found while getting a drink. Looking up at me as if to say “Ha ha… you suck at hide and seek. Tag! You are it.”

Not my greatest photo moment.

The gratin was flavourful, simple to make and when you and your hubby are less than sober and willing to eat something straight from the pan – this makes a wonderful dish.

Sigh… now I remember why I put off writing this post. I didn’t even take a picture. I believe at this point I was an ‘unstoppable eating machine’.

I did slightly better with the Japanese Noodles. Not totally, but a bit. I made them! I took a picture! I enjoyed them. But I could not find the soba noodles that were required. I believe this would have required a trip to some where other than Loblaws where people just give you blank stares when you ask them for anything a bit out of the box. I have gotten the same looks for evaporated cane sugar and certain spices. They may be slow… but they eventually catch on. There, there Loblaws – it’s going to be ok.

Back to the noodles. I used Udon instead and I gotta say – darn tasty. Here is a look at how the recipe changed after I got a hold of it. Not because I wanted to change it… again because I seem to have issues following recipes to the letter.


So let’s move on to another book. I promise to be a bit more on the ball with this one. I plan to get started in the New Year – so everyone has plenty of time to pick up the book, or order it from your library to cook along with me! It is called Bonne Femme  By Wini Moranville and it promises simple French recipes that real women use everyday. I think I might be able to pull this one off. A new post to come with what we will be cooking in the New Year.

Better than that how about getting the book for a friend? Or a relative? Then you and they can cook together, along with the blog and test out some new and fun recipes! There is no better way to get your cooking juices flowing than by just jumping in.

Happy cooking!