It is food, and it’s art… is there anything you can’t do soup?

I like Campbell’s Soup. It’s a guilty salt filled pleasure that brings me back to when I was a kid and didn’t give a flying monkey turd about stuff like sodium content, calories or taste. I know that I love it from a purely nostalgic view point. If I were to try it for the first time today, I don’t think I would keep eating it. It is the food equivalent of Jem and the Holograms.

 She is truly, truly, truly outrageous.

There is, however, one thing I have always hated about Campbell’s soup. As a child, the can opener we owned refused to open it easily as it would other cans. I hated that can opener. Standing between me and my lunch. How dare it?!?

The other day I was feeling a bit low, and happened to be at the grocery store (what better place to pick yourself up and develop a bad emotional eating issue?) when I saw Campbell’s soup on sale. It had been many a year since I had any, so I thought why not? A little treat. Of course I got 4, because go big or go home right? I was all excited for my soup, when the horrible can opener memories came flooding back. Again it would not open smoothly. I ended up using the can opener as some primitive cave man would – one piece at a time clamping it shut, opening it and moving it to the next spot down the line. Turning the dial got me no where – it would just spin in place and make me even more frustrated.

Then it dawned on me. It isn’t me… or my can opener… it’s the stupid can! YES! Silently I apologized to my can opener of yesterday and went about blaming the can for all the problems of my youth.

Until today. This morning I was in a rush so I grabbed my last can of soup, hurled it into a bag with the intent of making it at work only to make the horrible discovery that THIS can opener has no issue with my soup can.

Back to square one of hating my can opener for not open this specific can, but being fine with all other cans. Should really I shouldn’t get rid of it… or not because it works 99% of the time? Next time I am just buying the tab top soup cans. Or take the can opener from the work kitchen and replace it with mine. I haven’t decided yet.