This past weekend was the Ottawa LAFF a great opportunity to buy some local food products. I stopped in to see my friends from Siren Bakery and Michaelsdolce and meet some new friends which I will post about soon. Ottawa LAFF is a bit of a dangerous place though… I went in with the inention of just looking around, trying some new stuff and within 20 minutes I had picked up the following:

Try saying no to that face! It practically begs ‘take me home with you!’

As you can see, part of my bounty was some 12 grain and fennel Art-is-in bread. I’m told that some people in Ottawa refer to this amazing baked good as ‘crack bread’ because of its addictive taste. I hate that name. I prefer to think of it as ‘super happy fun time bread’… has a more positive spin.

With bread this good, you can just cut it. No no, faithful reader. That would be silly. There are rules that must be adhered to or else you will find yourself in a cluster-cuss where you may never get to fully enjoy your ‘super happy fun time bread’. No one wants that. So…

Rule 1 – Be alone when you take it out. The last thing you need is some Johnny-bread-stealer standing around behind you waiting to snag that first piece. That is YOUR piece. Hands off everyone else.

Rule 2 – Consider how many pieces you want, then cut one more. This has two purposes. First, you will need something to munch on while cutting the rest of the bread (you didn’t think you could hold out until you were finished cutting to have some did you?? Silly.) Secondly, you always end up eating more of it than you thought you were going to.

Yeah… I couldn’t even wait until the picture was taken to grab ANOTHER piece. Yes I already had one.

Rule 3 – If you have the ability to stop eating it once you start, hide it. Or the next time you go for some it will be gone. That is a lesson learned the hard way.

Rule 4 – If you really feel that you must share, or your family, like mine, will not be fooled when you say you are eating ‘nothing’ but have a big smile plastered on your face and are eating crumbs off your shirt… buy two loaves. One to share… and one for you.

Rule 5 – Always have a piece on its own before you put anything on it… this bread really is awesome and deserves your mouth’s undivided attention if only for a moment.

Thems the rules. I know you are going to thank me later so… you’re welcome.