As some of you know, Hubs is a movie guy. Not just a watchin’ movies kind of guy… but a makin’ movies kind of guy. Because of that I have met several actors in my day… many of whom are waiters. Surprised? Didn’t think so.

This is actually a great advantage as a foodie because you get to hear about new restaurants from an industry perspective, including Fatboys Southern Smokehouse  on 34 Murray Street – where my friend Dan happens to be working part time.

Ottawa seems to be drawing in smoke houses these days, this being the second one in the Market. Though I have never been to Smoque Shack Restaurant – I hear these two are different as night and earlier that night.

I feel like I could make a real mess here and it would be ok… which is good, there is BBQ sauce involved a mess is sure to happen.

The first thing you notice when you visit Fatboys is their flare for fun. They love their motorcycles and it shows in all the decor. Country music plays, sports games on the television and huge blue (gents) and blue light (ladies) cans mark the bathrooms.

The servers are beyond friendly. I had to leave mine a note thanking her for her lovely service at the end of the meal… she had really made our night. They are enjoying themselves, they want to be there and they want you to be doing the same.

The food took me by surprise. I know… it is a smokehouse, how surprised could I be. A little. The sauce is actually on the table, letting you add your own and selecting between 3 varieties. A sweet, a mustard base and a spicy sauce are all waiting for you to try them. What can you try them on? Your standard pulled pork, brisket, ribs and chicken but also turkey breast! Nice. The turkey, by the way, comes with a gravy so good it makes Swiss Chalet cry in the corner while St. Hubert gives it the stink eye.

So saucy…

Then come the sides – plenty to choose from here including a bacon mac and cheese, which I found a touch dry – but it had bacon so it was pretty good, collard greens which Hubs loved and baked beans that were darn tasty.

This may not be the best place for vegetarians, but it is fun. It is to Southern Smokehouse fare what Lonestar is to Tex Mex.If BBQ, smoke and meat is your thing… you are going to LOVE IT! Give it a try – let me know what your favorite sauce was. And make sure you say hi to Dan!

3.5 out of 5 stars.